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eGovernment Point of Sale

Envoc created the eGovernment Point of Sale Solution initially for the State of Louisiana OMV Offices. With this solution the State of Louisiana was able to support credit card and check purchases for all OMV services alleviating the need for customers to pay in cash. The solution – software and over 400 pieces of hardware for desktop terminals to be used in over 90 facilities statewide – was rolled out within a few weeks and was fully functional statewide at the end of the rollout. The solution is comprised of terminal Point of Sale software, allowing users to process credit card and check transactions; a Payment Portal web application, allowing users and managers to monitor and reconcile transactions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis; a Credit Card PIN Pad; a check scanner; and a printer.

Software – Windows Application

  • Windows Application to be used at a desktop terminal
  • Allows the user to process credit cards and checks within one application
  • Transactions processed in real time
  • Payment flexibility offered by the following payment methods:
    • Credit Cards/Debit Cards
    • eCheck
    • iPay
    • Google Wallet
    • Apple Pay

Software – Payment Portal Web Application

  • Robust payment portal with access rights commensurate with user roles
  • Allows for access to payment transactions for reconciliation and monitoring purposes
  • Reporting all in real time via dashboard metrics
  • Comprehensive Daily Settlement Reporting via location and work station reporting to reconcile daily transactions


  • The solution can be integrated with outside and existing IT Infrastructure and Security Models
  • Hardware solution includes
    • Credit Card/Debit Card scanner and PIN Pad
    • Check scanner
    • Printer


  • Envoc offers several levels of support
    • Project Support
      • Proven development processes, a dedicated Project Manager, and a full cross-functional team ensures full support and collaboration through the development and roll out portion of the solution.
    • Post Project/Roll Out Support and Training
      • After the launch of the product, the project team will remain fully devoted to the solution offering training sessions, train the trainer sessions, as well as full and prompt responses to any issues occurring in the field.
    • Ongoing Maintenance and Support via Help Desk
      • While the product is in production, Envoc offers a full support solution to your customers. This includes 5 support technicians available 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST) Monday through Friday. 90% of all support inquiries can be resolved via the offered Phone Call Support. This support solution can be fully integrated into any current IT Infrastructure or Support Desk solution.
      • Envoc offers IVR support as well utilizing the solution as a first-level support for the most common reported issues and requests.


  • Follows a PCI-DSS compliance rules to ensure safety
  • Utilize Trans Armour / Tokenization to encrypt the data before sending off to process the transaction and store only tokenized versions of credit card number
  • Centralized Transaction Repository used to house all transactions in a centralized location via an Microsoft SQL Database.
    • Hosted within a PCI compliant data center
    • Centralized security and employee management
    • Simplified backup and recovery process

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