Our clients often come to us to help them with an outdated or problematic business process and believe the solution is either a mobile app or desktop software. As consultants, our job is to learn about our client’s business, internal processes, what obstacles are causing the most headaches, and lead them to the best solution. Clients tend to be concerned about time and cost when we offer a multi-platform solution, such as a mobile and web app combination. However, since we are a .NET software agency, we can easily assuage their concerns because we can build both simultaneously and at less cost.

It’s not important for you to understand the technical details about what .NET means, but if you’re looking for multi-device business solutions then you should work with a software agency that develops utilizing .NET framework. And here are a few reasons why.


Sharing is Caring

The entirety of a business’s domain can be encapsulated in a single project, regardless of the platform. Use of the .NET platform allows us to provide a rapidly expandable solution to clients because the codebase is shared across mobile, desktop, and web platforms. Every line of code we write to create an action and result in a mobile app can be made available for desktop and vice versa. While mobile apps and desktop apps do require different user experience designs, the action and outcome remain the same, cutting down development time.

This means that we can leverage our expertise within .NET to implement features that are precisely tailored to a particular business or process in whichever platform or platforms make the most sense. The portability of .NET then allows us to swiftly make these carefully crafted features available on a wide range of platforms.

Quickly Expand From the MVP

Since we use the Agile method of development, we work in iterations, attaining one goal, the first of which is the MVP (minimum viable product). Our client reviews and provides feedback on iterations as we continue to develop and polish the product. With the .NET framework, we can solve the single most painful point in a given process, removing a client’s biggest concern, then quickly expand as the process is analyzed and additional potential improvements are discovered. These improvements are not restricted to a single platform because the .NET framework is available across multiple platforms.

This gives us the flexibility to start solving problems on the platform that offers the best possible user experience, but with the ability to quickly expand to other platforms as the requirements change. For example, a mobile app that allows employees to track internal deliveries could quickly expand to encompass the entire business’s inventory tracking and management, or a desktop application for PDF annotation could be expanded to include an employee web portal where project metadata can be aggregated and tracked.

You Can Have it All with .NET

While not all business processes require a multi-platform software solution, the move toward multi-platform software is becoming the new norm. Since most businesses require interaction with clients and customers, customer actions can coincide with internal processes through a mobile app linked to desktop software. The possibilities are endless and we have the experts to create the best software solution for your business on any or all platforms.

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