The nation’s first digital driver’s license

In the age of digital transformation, Louisiana sought to revolutionize the traditional driver's license by introducing a secure, accessible, and convenient digital alternative: LA Wallet.

The nation’s first digital driver’s license

The client's challenge

Louisiana sought to modernize its state-issued identification system by introducing a digital driver’s license and identification app. The state recognized the need for a secure, user-friendly, and efficient method to verify citizens’ identities and enable access to various services. In addition, Louisiana wanted to become a pioneer in adopting mobile identification technology, setting an example for other states to follow.


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The Envoc Approach

Envoc, a software development company specializing in innovative solutions, stepped in to assist Louisiana in achieving its objectives. By conducting a thorough assessment of the state’s requirements, Envoc identified the core challenges and worked closely with stakeholders to design an effective, secure, and user-friendly mobile application.


Envoc recognized the importance of adhering to stringent security measures while ensuring a seamless user experience. The company focused on creating a centralized system that would connect with the state’s existing databases, providing real-time updates to the digital IDs.

The Envoc Approach The Envoc Approach

“This is an exciting time for the citizens of Louisiana as OMV and LA Wallet continue to be pioneers in the mobile driver’s license arena.”
- Staci Forbes, OMV deputy commissioner

The Envoc Solution

Envoc’s efforts culminated in the creation of LA Wallet, a groundbreaking mobile application that enabled Louisiana residents to access a digital version of their driver’s license and other state-issued identifications. With LA Wallet, users could easily verify their identities, reducing the need to carry physical documents and minimizing the risk of fraud or identity theft.


LA Wallet offered several unique features that contributed to its widespread adoption:


1. Remote Authoritative Identity Verification: The app allowed users to verify their identities remotely, eliminating the need for in-person visits and simplifying the verification process.


2. Real-Time Connection to OMV Database: LA Wallet connected with the state’s Office of Motor Vehicles database, ensuring that all information displayed within the app was up-to-date and accurate.


3. Secure Storage: LA Wallet’s commitment to user security meant that no copies of identification documents were stored on the app’s servers. This minimized the risk of sensitive information being compromised.


4. In-App License Renewals & Duplicate Purchases: Users could conveniently renew their licenses or purchase duplicate IDs directly through the app, reducing the time and effort required to maintain identification documents.


5. Digital Vehicle Registration: The app also supported digital vehicle registration, making it a one-stop platform for citizens’ identification and vehicle-related needs.


Envoc’s development of LA Wallet enabled Louisiana to become the first state in the nation to offer a digital driver’s license and identification app. Since its launch, LA Wallet has seen significant growth in user adoption, with nearly 43% of Louisiana citizens currently using the app.


  • July 2018: LA Wallet is officially launched, offering Louisiana residents a legal digital version of their driver's license or state ID.
  • 2019: LA Wallet reaches 200,000 users and adds new features, such as fishing and hunting licenses.
  • 2020: The app is utilized for COVID-19 contact tracing and digital vaccination records using the SMART Health Card format.
  • 2021: LA Wallet launches VerifyYou, enabling validation of SMART Health Cards from other providers.
  • 2022: LA Wallet reaches 800,000 active IDs across 1.5 million devices.
  • 2024: LA Wallet reaches 1.8 million active users
  • May 2024: The TSA expands acceptance of LA Wallet for identity verification at airport security checkpoints nationwide.

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