Using the Design Patterns Methodology for Creatives

Who is this for? UX/UI Designers, Front-end Developers, Web Developers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Back-end Developers What is the Design Pattern Methodology? The Design Patterns methodology is simply the reuse of general solutions to solve common problems. This same methodology can also … Read More

The Future of App UX is All Thumb

Even though the physical shape of the smartphone hasn’t changed much since the first iPhone in 2007, user behavior has evolved. For instance, users have shifted from entering a six-digit pin to expecting fingerprint or face-recognition for security purposes. Mobile … Read More

Define: Sketches, Sitemaps, Style Tiles, Wireframes, and Mockups

A rundown of common creative processes. If you are ever involved in a creative project, you may have heard the terms “Sketches,” “Sitemap,” “Style Tile,” “Wireframes” and “Mockups.” But what do these mean and how are they different? In this … Read More

Why Should You Hire a Professional UX Designer?

User Experience (UX) is an important part of creating websites and applications. Everyone creates and uses design, whether we know it or not, and can identify the difference between a good and bad experience. So if everyone can do it, why would you … Read More

The Making of “The Obots”

Every designer knows that clever, conceptual work doesn’t just happen. That simple abstract logo doesn’t just come to us, neither does that crazy, detailed illustration. We get there through trial and error. We look for inspiration wherever we can get … Read More

User Experience vs. User Interface

With the rise of User Interface design there has been some confusion about the difference between User Interface design and User Experience design. Both are things to consider when designing an application or website but each bring a different aspect to consider while creating … Read More

Trust Your Designer

Trust Your Designer

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The thought of trusting your project’s entire visual identity with a professional graphic, web, or UX designer can be scary for someone who has never worked with one. This post was written to ease your anxiety and help you understand … Read More

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Envoc Branding: A History

Envoc Branding: A History

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Envoc Branding: A History Trust us, Envoc didn’t always look this good. In fact, the new Envoc brand evolved over several years before landing on what it is today. It was a slow (and sometimes painful) process, but it was … Read More

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