Business Strategy

Envoc launches “Telepathy 2021” bridging the gap between two distant cultures

April 1, 2021 Baton Rouge, LA – Software innovator, Envoc, today announced limited availability of its disruptive software targeted to improve communication between “product owners” and “dev teams.” Envoc Telepathy 2021 will bridge the gap between inter and intra-office cultures. … Read More

Our Guide to Happier Employees

As the holiday season nears, companies are usually throwing office parties, giving employees days off, and maybe even handing out bonuses. Employees look forward to the end of the year festivities, but returning to work in the coming year should … Read More

Competitors: With Whom do we Compete?

We Believe in More Pie Business Schools tell us to study them. “Study your competitors, try to overcome them, try to do one or two things better than them so as to gain market share,” they preach. This is a … Read More

Late: Technical Debt Interest Payment

Technical Debt: the extra effort technical people will need to make in the future in order to pay for the quick-and-dirty design choices of the past … Read More