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Envoc launches “Telepathy 2021” bridging the gap between two distant cultures

April 1, 2021 Baton Rouge, LA – Software innovator, Envoc, today announced limited availability of its disruptive software targeted to improve communication between “product owners” and “dev teams.” Envoc Telepathy 2021 will bridge the gap between inter and intra-office cultures. … Read More

The Future of App UX is All Thumb

Even though the physical shape of the smartphone hasn’t changed much since the first iPhone in 2007, user behavior has evolved. For instance, users have shifted from entering a six-digit pin to expecting fingerprint or face-recognition for security purposes. Mobile … Read More

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Reducing Wait Times by Accepting Credit Cards

Summary: 400 Stations in 40 Days The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles recently rolled out over 400 credit card stations to all of its locations statewide. This was implemented in order to provide more convenience while serving the citizens of … Read More

Don’t Let the Quest for Perfect Ruin Good

You have an idea, perhaps a brilliant business venture, a life-changing gadget you thought up, or a new app for your company. You are excited about the possibility of the project but you start getting stuck in the details of … Read More

How Envoc Puts More Control in Our Clients’ Hands

A Development Process that Works for You You know Bryan Adams’ hit song “Everything I Do (I Do It for You)?” Here at Envoc, we can relate. We’re going through a little something that we like to refer to as … Read More

Why We Don’t Offshore and Why You Shouldn’t Either

Every week, we receive multiple calls from offshore companies offering software development services for as low as $11 an hour. Does the huge profit margin seem tempting? Maybe—but we turn them down every time. Here’s a few reasons why: We … Read More

Late: Technical Debt Interest Payment

Late: Technical Debt Interest Payment

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Technical Debt: the extra effort technical people will need to make in the future in order to pay for the quick-and-dirty design choices of the past … Read More

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5 Ways To Improve Your IBM FileNet P8 System With Custom Development

5 Ways To Improve Your IBM FileNet P8 System With Custom Development

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There are many things you can do “out of the box” with an IBM FileNet P8 system. It’s a rich and dynamic Electronic Content Management (ECM) environment with extensive configurability and functionality that you can use with no custom development … Read More