It’s Valentine’s Day and that means one thing for sure: stressing out about planning the perfect date night! Yes, it’s important to show that special someone that we love them, but it can also be nerve racking. However, with today’s mobile apps, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Here are some apps our Envoceans use to make planning the perfect Valentine’s Day as easy as a heart shaped box of chocolate.

Neil’s Picks

The Bouqs

The Bouqs LogoThe Bouqs, which is short for bouquets, is a great app for buying flowers. You can sign-in with Facebook and then select the relationship you’re buying flowers for, such as your wife, mother, or daughter. After that, you can browse for flowers by reason, like Valentine’s Day. Then, all you have to do is choose the style of your bouq. You can even set up the concierge to send flowers for special occasions so you will never forget. You can also send that special person in your life flowers at random. I really like how most of the bouqs have clever names like White Night and Dude-quet.


Vivino LogoVivino is a really cool wine-rating app. The app lets you scan wine labels using your iPhone’s camera, then adds that wine bottle to “Your Wines.” It gives you the average rating and average price of that particular bottle. You can also see what wines your friends are drinking and read notes from others drinking the same wine as you. If you want, they even have winery information and the grapes used to make each bottle. It’s definitely great for picking out the perfect bottle of wine.

Brandon’s Picks


OpenTable LogoOpenTable is great for making dinner reservations at nice restaurants. You simply choose the one you’d like to go to, the date and time you’d like to go, and how many people are going to be in your party. In addition to providing you with a list of the restaurants in your area, it also gives you detailed information about each one, like user reviews, photos, average price, and the restaurant’s menu. I can be sure that my date will go smoothly when I know I have a table reserved at the best restaurant.


Fandango LogoI like reserving my movie tickets with Fandango. You simply open the app, see what’s playing around you, and then buy tickets to the movie you’d like to see. If you’re looking for a good romance to watch, you can sort the movies by genre. If you’d like to see what everyone else has been watching, you can also sort by popularity. There are sections to see information about the cast and reviews of the movie in case you need a second opinion. Once your tickets are purchased, you can rest easy knowing it won’t be sold out once you get there.

Planning the perfect date may seem like a scary task, but you can do all of it right from your phone—with time to spare to make sure you’re on time to pick up your date!

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