mobile design and development

Native Mobile Development

Mobile applications allow you to extend your business beyond the internet into your clients’ mobile devices, ensuring that your clients are having a more immersive experience with your business. We can design a customized enterprise or public mobile experience that empowers you to be right in your clients’ hands.

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iOS and Android Development

If you’ve got a killer idea for a new app, we’ve got you covered. We can develop anything from social media apps to enterprise apps that integrate into your current systems. We can create the app for iOS, Android, and/or Windows Phone, and take advantage of the GPS, camera, and other various sensors within the device.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications are mobile applications that are built using standard web technologies. Most business applications or other simple apps don’t require deep device integration, so these hybrid apps are ideal for businesses that have in-house web developers who can easily make updates using technology they are familiar with. The value comes in having a larger range of people who can update your app as needs arise.

Internal/Business Apps

The processes that support your business are extremely important. They help ensure sustainable growth, repeatable success, and consistent client delivery. Custom business applications and software are uniquely designed and molded around your unique business needs. At Envoc, we believe software shouldn’t just be a tool you use to do your job; it should be a tool that helps you enjoy doing your job in a way that is efficient and facilitates growth.

Browser-Based Mobile Apps

Browser-based mobile apps are great when you need to have important information available via mobile devices, but you don’t want users to have to download an app to their smartphones. For things like conferences, festivals, or one-time events, the majority of users will need to access information through their mobile device quickly and easily. Browser-based apps can provide that value to your users without needing full mobile app development.

Developed Using Xamarin

Our native mobile development platform of choice is Xamarin, which allows us to develop cross-platform applications that can be deployed to iOS, Android, and even Windows Phones. Xamarin allows us to share the logic between all three platforms. This reduces development time, allows deployment to multiple app stores, and expands the number of potential consumers for your application.

User Experience (UX)

Great mobile apps aren’t just visually compelling; they also deliver a great user experience. That’s why user experience is at the forefront of our design decisions and development processes. To ensure that your site visitor is never confused or lost, we create mobile experiences that are not only intuitive to use, but deliver value to your customers.

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