Digital Presence as-a-Service (DPaaS)

Online Marketing as you know it has evolved. In order to navigate this territory, you need a firm understanding of all aspects of this new marketing mix, including Social Media, Emails, Websites, Microsites, Landing Pages, SEM, SEO, and Content. Our Digital Presence As-A-Service (DPaaS) Package isn’t just SEO, it’s a complete digital marketing, intelligence, and analytics service that provides constant real-time information on your digital presence and online reputation.
Digital Presence as-a-Service (DPaaS)


Our experts consistently audit your digital presence - website, social media, search engine ranking, reviews, etc. - to evaluate your weaknesses and success.

Content Analytics

We can tell you how far down the page your visitors are getting and recommend updates to your site or content. The content analytics tool lets you know how far down each page your visitors are actually reading. By showing you an Average Read line, this tool will help you make sure key content is getting the attention it deserves.

DPaaS Content Analytics from Envoc

Reputation Management

Your digital reputation is dictated by reviews across an industry and public sources. We monitor and manage these for you, so you don’t have to.


We work with you to create a keyword strategy to help you reach better search ranking and online representation.


We benchmark you against your top three competitors so we can actively monitor and maintain a competitive advantage.

Heat Mapping

With real-time analytics, we can show you where your visitors are clicking, what they’re attracted to, and how to better your strategy. What content do readers like most? Why isn’t this button doing well? With our heat mapping tool, we can visibly show you where your visitors are clicking and make recommendations based on
their behavior.

DPaaS Heat Mapping from Envoc

Site Optimization

This is where we do a deep dive into your website and online profiles to optimize everything search engines look for.

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DPaaS from Envoc provides a greater visibility and control over your company and brand perception online and with your site visitors. Use this link for more information on Envoc's Digital Presence as-a-Service (DPaaS) package.