Digital Signage as-a-Service (DSaaS)

DSaaS from Envoc is a cloud-based solution for managing 1 to 10,000 screens for display of digital content, typically known in the industry as Digital Signage. With Envoc's unique cloud-based platform, your business can display static digital content or dynamic, interactive touch screens. DSaaS can help you monetize your public spaces, engage your customers, capture data on customer movements in facilities, display paid advertising and more. As-a-Service means that we can deliver this solution as a monthly fixed contract and include design services from our content development team!

Digital Signage as-a-Service (DSaaS)

High Quality Content Solutions Delivered to the Eyes and Ears of Your Captive Audience

The value in digital signage is in the captive audience in your facilities and the quality of the content being delivered. Envoc provides monthly packages for the creation and deployment of your content, as well as the installation and maintenance of the display and touch screens for your project making DSaaS a turn-key solution.

Restaurants & Hospitality

  • Show Discounts & Promotions in Real-Time
  • Entertain & Educate Patrons
  • Sell Advertising Space
  • Provide Digital Menus & Message Boards
  • Reservation Signage for Meeting Rooms
  • Surround Cable/Satellite TV Feeds with Ad Space or other info

Museums & Sports Facilities

  • Enable Video Wall Displays for Digital Art
  • Informational Touch-Tables for Visitor Interaction
  • Self-Service Payment Kiosks
  • On-Site E-Ticket Retrieval
  • Indoor and Outdoor Screens
  • Scan & Answer Solutions

Hardware Options for Touch-Tables, Poster Kiosks and more (but not limited to)

Touch Screen Desktop Monitor

Corporate Buildings & Public Spaces

  • Sell Advertising Space
  • Show Information and Directories
  • Safety & Evacuation Info
  • Ticket Sales & Reservations
  • Camera & Sensor Integration for Public Safety
  • Interactive Surveys & Polling

Retail & Small Business

  • Show Campaigns and Shoppers Discounts in Real-Time
  • Engage in Interactive Feedback with Touch Screens
  • Engage in QR and Digital Coupon Campaigns
  • Display Live Data from any 3rd Party Platform
  • Display Social Media feeds in Real-Time
  • Display Website data in Real-Time

Governmental Buildings

  • Sell Advertising Space
  • Show Information and Directories
  • Safety & Evacuation Info
  • Self-Service Payment Kiosks
  • Camera & Sensor Integration for Public Safety
  • Way-finding and Directional Maps

Full HD Interactive Kiosk