The Customizable Inspection App

Most companies today perform their inspections the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper or spreadsheets. This leads to errors, inconsistent results, and hours or even days re-keying information. It also makes combining and analyzing the information and photos extremely labor intensive and inefficient.

Spotter, a customizable mobile app for iPad and Android tablets, streamlines your inspection process by capturing inspection information in the field for immediate analysis & reporting. With Spotter, you are able to create and manage your own inspection questionnaires and put all of your valuable inspection information to use as it is captured. Spotter allows your organization to improve safety & reporting, manage your assets, perform compliance audits, achieve greater efficiency and overall cost savings.

Spotter was built for Industrial users including the oil & gas, chemical, work boat and manufacturing industries providing a way to capture real time actionable inspection information for faster & more consistent inspections, improved safety, faster repairs & shorter turnarounds.

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