Syntron Digital Intelligence SEO Boost

The Problem

Any time a company changes names there is a potential period of confusion, even more so when one company takes over another. Many customers had known the company as FMC Technologies for many years and possibly had never heard of Syntron Material Handling. Additionally, there were many other circumstances keeping potential customers from finding Syntron:

Google My Business listings are one of the main avenues for new customers. Syntron had not taken ownership or maintained its information. A search listing is a potential customer’s first impression; listings with incorrect or missing information or listings without photos can cause someone to distrust the company and move on to a more complete, and thus more credible, Google listing.

Keywords are also important to keep up-to-date and relevant. Several products and services that Syntron offers were ranking poorly in Google searches. Very few people ever click over to the second page of results, so Syntron needed a better SEO strategy in order to earn placement on the first page of Google.

Website metrics can tell a company much more than how many people visited its site.  It is crucial to the success of online business to know where visitors click, how long they stay, and where and why they might leave the site.  Most people decide to become customers through online searches. In fact, leads from search engines have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (ex. cold-calling, direct mail, etc.) have a 1.7% close rate. Syntron’s team needed help understanding their website traffic metrics. With these insights, a company can make appropriate changes to its site and learn how to more effectively convert visitors into leads.

Our Approach

In order for Syntron’s online business to be successful, we needed to do more than create a functioning site. Our team developed a strategy that began with understanding not only Syntron’s needs but more importantly, understanding Syntron and the former FMC’s clients’ behaviors. In addition to holding several discovery meetings with Syntron representatives, our digital intelligence specialists researched customer demographics and utilized multiple analytical tools to understand market trends and keyword rankings. Once our team had a good understanding of Syntron’s identity and the products they were most interested in promoting, we set to work on developing a goal-oriented strategy to strengthen their online presence and increase website traffic.

The Envoc Solution

Our digital presence intelligence experts have the tools, knowledge, and most important of all,  patience, to scour the internet to boost any company’s ranking and digital presence. Over the course of six months, our team increased keyword ranking for several words, including one word that increased from a 100+ placement listing to the 5th listing in Google search. With stronger SEO and a unified digital presence, Syntron’s website traffic grew significantly. Here are just a few of the results from our digital intelligence services:


Single Keyword Results

Increase in clicks and impressions from keyword searches over 6 months.


Website Traffic Increase

Increase in traffic to the website over 6 months (blue) compared to the previous 6 months (orange).

Phone Call Increase

Increase in phone calls over 6 months compared to the previous 6 months.