Republic Finance Website & Digital Presence

The Problem

The original Republic Finance website was built on a system developed before the first iPhone hit the market. In addition to being outdated for mobile use, the website was not designed to adapt to rapid developments in user experience, changing web standards, or evolving design trends. The site did not offer any opportunities to improve SEO, which led to very low search rankings. The old system was also ineffective in alerting clients of important news and updates, and no one within Republic Finance had access to edit or update information as needed. With content-driven marketing as the prevailing trend, Republic Finance managers needed more flexibility and opportunity to create and update valuable information for prospective and current clients.

Our Approach

With a strong working relationship already established, the Envoc team was able to easily kick start the website project in close conjunction with Republic Finance. The main goals of the project were to develop a strategy-driven and mobile-friendly website. Since the Envoc design team helped create the company’s new look, they utilized insights about Republic Finance’s client base to concentrate efforts on user experience and marketing opportunities. Our SEO specialists played a large role in the website strategy by analyzing the old site and current trends to identify the best navigation tactics and design strategy to increase the company’s search ranking. A secondary goal was building the website on a platform that allowed the Republic Finance team to have more ability to customize and update web content without jeopardizing the overall experience.

The Envoc Solution

Our design team began with a content management system (CMS) that is scalable, multi-faceted, and fully manageable for the Republic Finance managers. After establishing a marketing strategy with a focus on client education, our digital specialists began building a singular website that could meet the needs of nearly 200 branch locations and 200,000 customers. Paying special attention to mobile user experience, developers simplified navigation by highlighting client needs with as few drop-down menus as possible. Envoc designed the site to be distinctive from other finance companies, while exuding an aesthetic that places Republic Finance as the established and prevailing consumer loan specialist across eight states. The inclusion of the Digital Presence team on the website and reputation management strategies resulted in an increase in overall organic traffic of over 15% in the first six months after the launch of the new website.

We are very pleased with the new look of our website. Envoc listened to our ideas and turned them into reality with a beautiful, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use site! Their training on the CMS has been extremely helpful in allowing us to make content changes to the site in-house when the need arises. Lastly, the SEO efforts are laying a solid foundation for our strategy of growing our digital presence.

Key Features

  • Location Search feature for branch offices
  • Addition of a Company Blog
  • Ability to manage content via the CMS as needed
  • Backend reporting for forms data collection