Dorilton Capital Upgrades to a Modern, Simple, Scalable Umbraco Website

The Problem

Besides the need for a brand refresh online, Dorilton Capital’s website was built on the Business Catalyst platform. Not only is this platform discontinuing in 2021, it was also incredibly difficult for the company’s internal team to update. The bottom line: Their website was not built to grow with them. If they wanted to add a new acquisition story, they needed a developer’s assistance. If they wanted to update basic information, it would take hours to first figure out where and then another hour to learn how. While Business Catalyst was an ideal website platform when the website was built, the world of websites has moved quickly toward more user-friendly and expansive website solutions.

Our Approach

Like any successful website project, our first iteration consisted of a sitemap and wireframes. This gave Dorilton Capital a clear indication of the website content strategy and layout direction and opened the opportunity for new dialogue about design. These first few wireframes and design iterations allowed client and designer to build clear expectations and make the little adjustments that make a world of a difference.

The Envoc Solution

At the core of Envoc’s solution was a powerful, intuitive, and flexible CMS called Umbraco. One of the primary benefits of Umbraco for Dorilton Capital’s project was that we had complete control over the public-facing and back-office user experiences.

It was central to development that the site was aesthetically attractive and useful to visiting users, while maintaining the intuitive content creation and editing experience for Dorilton capital. The website was built with scalability in mind, while showcasing a unique, modern design that empowers the client to make frequent updates quickly and intuitively. The site features client portfolios, custom sorting of staff, and information-rich layouts that are easy to update. Each unique type of content was created to allow any new items or updates to be made easily and without the need for assistance from a developer. We provided a quick and easy experience for creating new staff or portfolio categories, we built in alternative ways to sort layouts, and we created custom design options for the client to be able to quickly adjust any new content to their preferences on a page-by-page basis. Envoc delivered a new site that not only encompasses Dorilton Capital’s modern and sophisticated aesthetics but also provides a user-friendly CMS experience to accommodate their rapid growth and content updates.