Cajun Valve Inspection App

The Envoc Solution

The new inspection solution for Cajun Valve combines standardized processes (gathering the right material every time) with exceptional usability (an elegant user interface that takes advantage of a tablet’s native features) into a stable, supportable mobile application. In addition to guiding users through a set of standard questions, the application allows them to take pictures of equipment to ensure accurate and detailed information is gathered. Once the survey is complete, the application navigates the data through a series of sign-offs prior to going to the Sales Department for estimating. The new automated solution has virtually eliminated errors, ensured the productive sharing of data, increased efficiency, and simplified the working routine for employees.


Key Features

  • Mobile application 

  • Integration with third-party ERP and company active directory

  • Ability to take and attach pictures to each questionnaire

  • Sales department web portal for an end-to-end solution

The new mobile application has changed the way we conduct business.  There are fewer errors through a much more efficient process.  Envoc did a great job of understanding our pain points and creating a solution that alleviated them.

Tim Fox,

Cajun Valve Services, President

Photo - app in use on location