Two Envoceans earn top cybersecurity certification to protect clients

Two Envoceans earn top cybersecurity certification to protect clients

Written by Dusty Cooper on Dec 13, 2018

Envoc’s Aaron Harris, quality assurance manager, and Edmond Major, digital intelligence specialist, earned their CompTIA Security+ certification. The CompTIA Security+ certification covers core knowledge of topics such as security, networking, cryptography, and incident response.

“Cybersecurity begins with an organization's policies and stance toward providing the safest environment for all operations and data,” Aaron said. “Envoc has always implemented strong security practices both internally and externally.”

“I am much more prepared to understand threat intelligence and monitor it for a client,” Edmond said. “If their information is in jeopardy we can follow proper procedures and steps needed in an incident response situation and neutralize the threat.”

Aaron’s role as quality assurance analyst serves as a fine-tooth comb before any product is released to our clients. With his newest certification, Aaron has a stronger skill set for verifying proper password complexity requirements, protecting sensitive document systems, and organizing permissions for multi-user platforms.

“This certification shows that Envoc is committed to having staff who are trained in cybersecurity and can analyze a project from different perspectives,” Aaron said.

Envoc’s clients range from hospitals and universities to multiple government agencies. This new certification provides Envoc with an advantage when bidding on city/state government or federal contracts that require CompTIA Security+ as a prerequisite. However, it also means that no matter how big or small the project, Envoc is prepared to provide the highest levels of cybersecurity for all clients.

As part of Envoc’s commitment to creating expert software solutions, every Envocean is given an annual learning budget and encouraged to continue education to build their skillsets. Aaron and Edmond both earned their CompTIA Security+ certifications on their own time while working full-time on client projects.