Content is King in the Digital World

Content is King in the Digital World

Written by Ned Fasullo on Jun 12, 2017

When it comes to online and digital marketing, your company website is the centerpiece of your success.  Companies often focus too much on the design of their site and too little on the content and message that the site needs to deliver.  

This oversight causes companies to spend tens and hundreds of thousands on the look and feel without any regard to the message their current and potential customers need to hear.  

Why?  It’s simple.  

Business leaders have been trained to believe that the design of a website should take precedence over the message. At Envoc, we believe that every project discovery - especially a website -  begins with getting to the "why."  Why do people want your product or service?  Why will a relationship with you have a positive impact on their business?  Why are you different than your competitors?  If you can get to the "why," then you have a strong foundation.

Envoc is now taking a much different approach to creative services in web and digital marketing. So our team has created something that is completely different for our clients called Content Management as-a-Service or CMaaS. CMaaS focuses on the client’s overall content and messaging strategy as the focal point, with the site design and build following that framework.

By taking this approach, Envoc Creative Service experts form a long-term relationship (usually over a 3-4 year contract term) for the content creations and distribution from the client’s website to social media platforms, blogs and more. Additionally, the CMaaS package includes monthly hours for SEO services and all hosting in the Envoc Cloud.

The long-term relationship in a CMaaS project is maintained through monthly content update meetings between Envoc Creative Service experts and our clients. This way, we are continuously in communication and working to create new content and messaging each and every month for the client’s site and all social media and blog platforms. In the meantime, we are also using SEO to place and rank this content as it is released - all while including the building and design of the website.  

This helps our clients adopt a much different mindset when it comes to their digital marketing, ensuring them that Envoc is not just a vendor but is now a strategic partner invested in their success.

Now you may be asking "what exactly does a CMaaS plan look like?"  Contact [email protected] to learn how content management with Envoc can help your business succeed. 


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