Our Quality Assurance Team Earns ISTQB Certification

Our Quality Assurance Team Earns ISTQB Certification

Written by Unknown on Oct 24, 2019

All three members of our quality assurance team earned the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certifications. The ISTQB certification is the ultimate software testing credential offered around the world and elevates our quality assurance team’s already impressive qualifications. Our quality assurance team is lead by quality assurance manager Arron Harris and includes Lyle Hutson, quality assurance analyst, and Isabella Bendaña, quality assurance associate and support specialist. 

The ITSQB offers certification for software testing in multiple development processes, including the Agile method. This process of creating software and mobile apps allows quality assurance testing throughout the build of a project so that any usability concerns can be identified early and corrected before the next iteration. 

Quality assurance includes much more than clicking on buttons to make sure they bring users to the correct section of an app or perform the correct operation. While making sure a software project is functioning properly is a key role, the most important function of a QA specialist is assessing user experience.

While all developers are creating software with a specific user in mind, they can still fall into the developer mindset and create a process that seems intuitive but is really quite complicated. 

“I approach every new iteration of a software project from the user’s perspective,” said Aaron Harris, quality assurance manager. “If I follow a process to complete a task and get lost or feel frustrated, then the client will experience that frustration tenfold. Our job is to bridge the gap between developers and users.”

Chances are that when our quality assurance team does their job well our clients never know about it. With the ISTQB Certification, our QA team will continue to test and polish every project so that our clients end up with a product that not only meets their original needs but also provides them with a better day.

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