Lee Michaels New Custom Mobile CRM Helps Associates Sell

Lee Michaels New Custom Mobile CRM Helps Associates Sell

Written by Unknown on Nov 19, 2014

BATON ROUGE, LA (November 19, 2014) – Lee Michaels, one of the largest independent fine jewelers in the nation,  launches its new mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  Lee Michaels partnered with Envoc, a 2014 Inc. 5000 design and development firm to create the app that now enables Lee Michaels Sales Associates to provide superior hometown customer service to its expanding regional clientbase.

"Hello Mr. Broussard. It’s great to see you.  How are Ms. Debbie and the kids? Since your anniversary is right around the corner, you must have received our reminder!  What can I help you find today?"

This is the type of greeting you may expect at your local family-run business, but not at a large regional store that you may only visit a few times a year. But with the new iPad-based custom CRM built by Envoc, this is exactly the type of welcome you will receive at Lee Michaels these days.

Until recently, those personal greetings were difficult to come by. Although Lee Michaels had a CRM in place, it was not mobile and did not provide follow up reminders or capture extensive customer history.  Lee Michaels associates had to take time out of their day between customers to update client information on a back office computer.  They were not able to access this valuable information while speaking to the customer on the showroom floor.

"We had no central place to record and reference an entire customer’s story." says Amy Echols at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry. "As a company with over 100 sales associates located in three states and customers who often visit multiple stores, the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing."

Lee Michaels approached Envoc to help them reinvent their CRM to provide consistent, superior customer service from any store, both now and in the future.  The result is a custom iPad application that they call 'Redbook'.  Redbook provides all of Lee Michael’s sales associates with comprehensive client information right at their fingertips.

The sales associate can access a customer’s complete personal and purchase history with a simple name search. From there, the sales associate can view existing notes and add in new details to help garner more sales. Is the customer a soon-to-be groom thinking about engagement rings? Maybe she’s a first-time grandmother looking to buy her daughter a memento celebrating the birth of her first child? All of that information can be easily captured and the system can even send reminders to the customer when significant dates are approaching.  

"With the new system in place, I recently watched a Sales Associate look up the client's name in Redbook while speaking with the client. Then go to ‘sales in progress' where she found all of the notes on what the client was ordering, including price and finger size!" says Jason Morris, Assistant Manager at Lee Michaels. "I'm sure that the customer was very impressed by our efficiency and technology."

Lee Michael's new mobile application is just one example of how Envoc can help your business leverage technology to provide the best in friendly, timely customer service regardless of the size of your sales force and customer base.



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Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is in the most exciting business there is - making memories and marking milestones with extraordinary symbols of emotion. Since 1978, Lee Michaels has specialized in offering the finest gems, timepieces and giftware by the world’s most distinguished designers and craftspeople. One of the largest independent fine jewelers in the nation, Lee Michaels operates eight stores in three states. For more information, please visit our website or find us on Facebook.