High Power Consulting now Envōc

High Power Consulting now Envōc

Written by Calvin Fabre on Oct 05, 2010

Software Company looks to distance itself from energy background and consultancy stigma

BATON ROUGE, LA – September 10, 2010 – High Power Consulting, Inc. a fast-growing Louisiana-based software development and application hosting company, today announces its plan to rebrand the company to Envoc (pronounced “invoke”). The name change will coincide with the opening of a second office in Hammond, Louisiana. High Power Consulting, founded as a Houston, Texas-based consulting company in 1997, moved operations to Louisiana in 2002.  Its commitment to the state of Louisiana also extended to re-incorporating as a Louisiana corporation, a commitment to hiring Louisiana graduates, serving on advisory boards at Louisiana colleges, and committing to make Louisiana the “Technology Capital of the South.” “While Envoc will continue to serve clients in the oil, gas, and energy sectors, the company recognizes that ‘making lives better through superior software’ does not exclude the many other industries custom software serves,” said Calvin Fabre, High Power Consulting’s founder.  “As our clients innovate through us, they remind us we do more for them than just consult.”  The need for the new name also separates itself from a primarily energy-centric clientele which served High Power faithfully for a number of years in its infancy. The name change to Envoc coincides with the company’s opening of a new office.  To show its commitment to Louisiana graduates not to mention shorter drive-times for recently hired Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) Graduates, Envoc recently announced the opening of a Hammond, Louisiana office.

About High Power Consulting, Inc. (Envōc)

High Power Consulting, Inc. (Envoc) is a Louisiana based technology company that specializes in creating software that you cannot buy off the shelf. Their clients include fortune 500 companies, various government agencies and small businesses. High Power Consulting, Inc. (Envoc) is available at http://envoc.com.