Envoc President Calvin Fabre Awarded SME Sales & Marketing Excellence Honoree

Envoc President Calvin Fabre Awarded SME Sales & Marketing Excellence Honoree

Written by Alaina Stuckey on Nov 26, 2018

Calvin Fabre received the honor of being named a 2018 SME Excellence in Sales & Marketing Honoree for his long-standing efforts as the founder and leader of Envoc, a nationally recognized software development company based in Louisiana. The Sales & Marketing Executives of Greater Baton Rouge, a professional organization dedicated to sales and marketing career development, presented the award.

“It’s a blessing to be recognized by SME as an honoree this year. The Sales and Marketing success of Envoc, its creativity and productivity came not from me individually, but from the loyal and dedicated software and creative professionals working in our two offices.,” said Fabre.

In his acceptance speech, Fabre’s words of advice to the sales and marketing professionals in attendance were, “Always say ‘yes’ to coffee.” If someone offers coffee or another beverage in a meeting, saying yes will open the door to the type of conversations that build relationships -- ones that may not have happened in the conference room. And the client relationships built over coffee will be personal, loyal relationships that are mutually beneficial between professionals and companies.

Fabre’s advice is representative of a quote he often recites, “Every act is a marketing act,” by Harry Beckwith. Whether it’s rewarding an employee for a job well done (because nothing says “thank you” like cash), sending clients a handwritten card to celebrate a new release or big life event, or social media posts, every act, even accepting coffee, is a marketing act.

With their latest project release of LA Wallet, Louisiana’s only and the nation’s first digital driver’s license, Fabre has appeared on local news and radio stations while also making national headlines. His personal dedication to Envoc’s projects and leadership in marketing efforts have reached international borders, which is why Fabre’s award is highly appreciated and well earned.