Envoc-Developed App LA Wallet Wins ATC Approval for Alcohol and Tobacco Purchases in Louisiana

Envoc-Developed App LA Wallet Wins ATC Approval for Alcohol and Tobacco Purchases in Louisiana

Written by Administrator on Jan 28, 2019

The development company behind LA Wallet is continually working with Louisiana State officials and agencies to expand the app’s authority and acceptance, and the company just received its biggest news yet. The Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control issued a notice legally approving LA Wallet, Louisiana’s Digital Driver’s License app for purchase age verification.

While many vendors across the state already accept LA Wallet based on the ATC’s verbal approval, now any Louisiana vendor may legally accept LA Wallet for alcohol and tobacco transactions. Training on the acceptance of LA Wallet is published in the 2018 edition of the  Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission's Responsible Vendor training program in the "Serving Alcohol and Tobacco: Digital Identification" section.

“This ruling gives retail stores, restaurants, and other vendors a clear understanding on the adoption of LA Wallet by ATC for age-restricted purchases,” said Paige Paxton, OMV Field Administrator and Project Manager of LA Wallet. “Adding ‘How-to’ LA Wallet handling into training materials across our state has been an accomplished priority we are proud of.”

“The future of LA Wallet provides many advantages for the citizens of Louisiana,” said Kyle Joiner, Envoc’s lead mobile developer. “The ATC ruling is a great step toward wider adoption and acceptance statewide. It also adds to the appeal of LA Wallet in other states across the nation”

Envoc’s most innovative contribution to digital identities is the real-time license validation system, VerifyYou™. The system allows one LA Wallet user to scan another user’s LA Wallet digital identity and receive immediate age verification from the State’s database.

Real-time age verification may not stop with brick-and-mortar vendors. “The ATC’s approval in addition to LA Wallet’s VerifyYou™ verification system opens the door to other age-dependent activities,” said Calvin Fabre, co-founder of LA Wallet and CEO of Envoc, the development company behind LA Wallet. “Reliable, real-time age-verification can pave the way for in-state alcohol delivery, fantasy gaming, and many others.”

To learn more about LA Wallet, VerifyYou™, and the list of adopting agencies, visit lawallet.com.