Efficiency, accuracy, & safety—Automated

Consider your company’s biggest threats a thing of the past.

What You're Concerned With:


Without a standard for data entry, reports are incorrect, materials are mismanaged and money is lost.


Safety is always top priority. But what happens when accountability and processes aren't correctly tracked?


Outdated tech and software slows your workflow and directly affects your revenue flow.

What We Can Do For You

Whether using Spotter, the Customizable Inspection App, or a fully custom digital solution built to suit your business needs, Envoc can help your operation run efficiently, accurately, and most importantly—safely.

Spotter Inspection App

  • Improve accuracy and reduce time by 50–80%
  • Customize data input to match your company, industry or regulatory needs
  • Access the collected data through custom dashboards and an administrative portal
  • Automatically receive and send generated reports
  • Available for free for 30 day trial

Envoc Services

  • Mobile Application development
  • Custom Software development
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Digital Presence and Reputation Services

Case Study

Spotter Inspection App for Settoon Towing

The Problem

Settoon Towing provides marine transportation throughout the U.S. With 30 vessels, Settoon needed a better way to track boat maintenance, safety and budget accrual of downtime. Boat personnel were using clipboards, pens and paper to inspect each vessel, which led to rekeying info into a database, manually notifying supervisors and ultimately increasing downtime and margin for error.

The Envoc Solution

Implementing Spotter on each boat allows Settoon to automate processes, leading to greater efficiency across the company. Boat personnel use Spotter to complete daily inspections on each vessel, allowing them to complete inspections in less time. Spotter also provides offline capabilities, which is especially useful when boats leave connectivity zones while inspections are in progress. Once an inspection is submitted, the app automatically updates the database and notifies engineers of any maintenance needs, saving Settoon time and money. Spotter also features an Admin portal for supervisors to view all inspections at any time, digitally sign to approve, receive automatic updates and manage questions featured on the inspections. Built on the powerful Xamarin platform, it is flexible for future customization should other needs arise.

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