At Envoc, we created an environment that empowers us to build a better reality for both our team and our clients. That means doing whatever it takes to help our employees thrive and focus on what they love to do. We also like to keep the lines of communication wide open. We have frequent meetings to discuss how we can do what we do even better—and then we do it.

Our Team of Thinkers and Doers

We value productivity, having fun, learning new things and growing professionally. Every employee shares the desire to top our success with every new project we get. This type of attitude keeps us motivated and is what makes us the leader in our area, and also explains why we’re growing so fast.

The Challenge Coin

The Envoc coin is more than just a milestone; it’s a symbol of unity and professionalism. Here’s how it works: after 90 days of employment, each Envocean gets their own coin; when the coin is thrown, it tests your loyalty to the team. If you can’t produce the coin, it’s time to treat the whole squad to drinks or tasty treats. It’s an engaging tradition that reminds us of our shared purpose and values. This special coin holds more significance than its counterparts—it’s a way to reinforce our mission and purpose while symbolizing respect and being a valued part of the Envoc team.

Envoc Cares

Welcome to Envoc Cares, the compassionate arm of Envoc. Just as Envoc Teach embodies our commitment to knowledge sharing, Envoc Cares focuses on making a meaningful impact by supporting charitable causes close to our hearts. Through generous donations, we strive to uplift communities and inspire positive change. Our dedication to creating a brighter future drives us to spread compassion and make a difference where it matters most. Join us in our mission to empower change through Envoc Cares.

Envoc Teach

One of our core values is to give wisdom away, and with that, we believe that investing in the next generation is just as important as innovating for current clients. The Envoc Teach initiative lives to spark enthusiasm and interest in the tech world, educate on industry trends and inspire those with a curiosity for development to see how much fun we have! We love speaking at schools from Kindergarten to doctorate-level college courses and organizations from every industry.

Hammond Office