core values



Embrace the core values that drive Envoc’s community forward: a dedication to a lifestyle of learning, a passion for giving wisdom away, a commitment to be the professional in the room, a culture of being personally accountable, and a relentless pursuit of being an innovator. We thrive on continuous growth, fostering an environment where knowledge is cherished and shared, where expertise is honed and pushed to new heights.

Live a Lifestyle of Learning

To live a lifestyle of learning is to never be satisfied with the limitations of what you know.

At Envoc, we want to be people who are humble, and always teachable. We pursue innovations in our craft and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. To live a lifestyle of learning is to graciously accept feedback and to use that feedback to fuel our personal growth. We look to be sharpened by the people around us in order to provide our clients with not only the latest technology and innovations but with healthy and well-rounded relationships.

What does it look like?

Give Wisdom Away

Invest into others as they have invested in you

Experts don’t become experts all on their own. We are always taught either by our research from resources others have created, or from mentorship and learning side-by-side from those who have gone before us. The intent of Envoc is to give wisdom away freely. We take the time to explain a process to a new colleague who may not understand. We teach the next generation what we have learned so that we may partner together to forge a new path in innovation. We spend extra time with our clients to ensure they understand our process and how we can make their vision come to life. We are always accessible to those who may have questions or want to know more.

What does it look like?

Be the Professional

Know your worth and be worth it.

Being the professional in the room is more than just conducting ourselves in a manner that represents Envoc well to the outside world. Having excellent actions and holding ourselves to a higher standard is only the beginning. Being the professional goes beyond cordial messages when scheduling meetings with clients, having a welcoming presence, open posture, refraining from coarse jokes, and exhibiting superb communication skills. We are the Yodas in the room. We are supportive of colleagues, inspiring to our teams, and always in a relentless pursuit of excellence. We do what we say and stand by our word and always do the right thing. Whatever we do, we do it well.

What does it look like?

Be Personably Accountable

Acknowledging and owning our mistakes is paramount in creating an environment of embracing praiseworthy failure.

Envoceans are personally accountable to themselves, their team, the company, and most importantly – our clients. We accept assignments with grace and enthusiasm. We finish what we start and manage our timelines in order to meet client expectations – even if that means saying no when we need to. We relay bad news early, and good news often. This allows us to collaborate with our team and pivot where needed in order to complete the project to our standards. At Envoc, we trust our team to complete projects on time with little supervision and give them space to provide clients with creative solutions.

What does it look like?

Be an Innovator

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” - Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi

Our clients choose Envoc because we create solutions they cannot imagine themselves. It is our commitment as Envoceans to go beyond the obvious answer and arrive at a better reality for our team and our clients. Complacency is not in our vocabulary. We are problem-solvers, not problem-finders. We consistently seek ways to enhance our processes and discover more efficient workflows to birth radical creativity paired with radical productivity.

What does it look like?

We have a unique way of creating solutions.

We call it listening.