Envoc Careers

Digital Media Master and Brand Champion

Do you love designing in the digital space with Mobile and Web User-Experiences and Branding Feels?

Design = Utility + Significance

Are you empathic? Can you easily put yourself in another's position and see how you can improve their day at work or their experience with a computer or smartphone? Are you able to quickly visualize the right visual metaphor that would encompass both Utility and Significance?

Creating and Managing a Brand

Can you see the impact a mark, set of colors, fonts, and imagery have in relation to a product, service, or company? Do you hate when someone changes the aspect ratio of a logo or puts an unapproved filter on it? What about if someone tries to put a logo in 3-dimensions and animation? If these last two make your skin crawl, you may be someone we are looking for.

Can you help us refresh a brand? Currently, we are looking to refresh the Envoc and LA Wallet brands.

Important Note: This position is not an entry-level position, but someone that has been designing user experiences and software interfaces for at least three years. Advancement through the interview process will be heavily influenced by demonstrating past work. 

Explainer Videos and One-Pagers

Are you good with doing a quick explainer video using our staff as actors showing use-cases and user journeys with our innovations? We need these created often and quickly. 

We also deal with a wide variety of prospects that want something printed. Yes, on paper! This is the old-school "one-pager" that lets our prospects have something they can pass around or read offline. Again, conforming to the brand of our product. 

User-Experience-Designer Tasks and Requirements

These are some of the requirements of this position:

  • Design and manage multiple client projects in a fast-paced and tight deadline environment without working overtime. Remember, we want to retain our "Best Places to Work in Baton Rouge" for years to come, and we can't do that when we burn out our team.
  • Regularly meet with stakeholders for kickoff, discovery, and demonstration meetings. You don't have to wait for a two-week iteration review, show them as you make it and they will love you for it.
  • Develop user personas, scenarios, and user flows in order to enhance functionality and usability for key audiences. 
  • Organize and moderate virtual user testing sessions and surveys based on target audience personas and use cases.
  • Ensure mockups meet both visual and textual branding standards.
  • Define and document website design standards when necessary.
  • Work closely with the most talented development team to create visually compelling and usable websites, apps, and web-based software. We are not talking about some boring accounting system. Have you seen the types of projects and products we create? 

What UI-UX Design Tools do we like?

  • Figma, Illustrator, UXPin, Balsamiq, Proto.io, Sketch, Invision, we really don't mind what you use as long as it is beautiful
  • We will then write the application using Xamarin for mobile apps, and/or React 

Do you have these Bonus Powers?

  • Graphic Design - Can you help us create cool web banners and imagery to support and manage our brand?
  • One-Sheets - Can you help us create one-sheets or decks for our offerings?

Do your homework on Envoc and ask yourself if you believe you have been discovered as our next Envocean.

How to Apply

Getting to know someone can take time, but it is a critical step toward creating a lasting relationship. Our application process is designed to help us get to know each other a bit better. The first step is to apply here.