Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Reducing Wait Times by Accepting Credit Cards

Summary: 400 Stations in 40 Days

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles recently rolled out over 400 credit card stations to all of its locations statewide. This was implemented in order to provide more convenience while serving the citizens of the state.

Budget Cuts and Louisiana OMV

After having its budget drastically cut, the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) had been actively seeking ways to minimize the wait times, and continue to improve daily services. One area of focus was “ease of payment.” Customers would often find out that the OMV offices only accepted cash, and then would be required to use an ATM or schedule a return visit to finalize their transaction.

No-Cost, Self-Funded Model

Envoc, a Louisiana-based software development and web design firm, provided an innovative answer to address the the payment issues. A unique no-cost solution that included hardware, custom software, reporting and ongoing support was created from scratch to attend to the state’s unique point of sales needs including the state’s emphasis on data security and PCI-Compliance. Envoc developed a point of sale software through its PCI/DSS-compliant environment that can process millions of transactions per year via the use of credit and debit cards.

The solution does not require any tax appropriations from the state as it is operated under a self-funded model now popular in many municipalities. The rollout sports a low convenience fee, faster in-and-out times, more payment options for citizens and strong fraud prevention features.

Working Alongside Mainframe Technology and Security

“Minimizing keystrokes, payment collection times, and reconciling with the state’s mainframe required a custom software solution to be developed for the State of Louisiana” said Robert Schroeder, Software Developer at Envoc. “Louisiana’s Department of Public Safety is always improving citizen interaction through reporting and analysis so an off-the-shelf solution was not viable. By working with the state’s IT Infrastructure and existing PC’s in their environment we are able to rollout new functionality quickly and securely.”

“Louisiana’s priority of accepting credit and debit cards at all of their OMV and DMV locations has been realized.” said Chad Lacour, Envoc’s eGovernment Payment Specialist, “This is just a small step in utilizing technology to better serve citizens. Envoc will soon be integrating its point-of-sale software with its own queuing and mobile applications for smart phones, and even offering kiosks for some types of transactions.” The outcome is a win for Louisiana’s citizens.

Transaction Videos

The following videos show the application in action. The application uses credit card and check scanning hardware at the point-of-sale that the customer interacts with. Details on supported hardware are available.

Transaction Details and Credit Card Payment Demonstration

Check Handling in Point of Sale Software

One Click Deployment and Updating

Real-Time Point-of-Sale Activity Dashboard

Contact Envoc for More Information

If you would like to learn more about the self-funded, no-cost, convenience fee model solution implemented for the State of Louisiana by Envoc, please contact us. Also available for review are various reports generated by the software and information which include:

  • Sample Receipts Generated by the System
  • Sample Reconciliation Reports by Transaction Type
  • Daily Email of Transactions in HTML and CSV format
  • Management Portal for Ad-Hoc Reporting and Transaction Research
  • Integration into Active Directory
  • Yearly PCI Compliance Management