And the Addy goes to… Envoc!

And the Addy goes to… Envoc!

Written by Unknown on Feb 26, 2013

We’re pleased to announce that once again, our in-house design team is award-winning! On Saturday, February 23rd, Envoc was awarded two Silver Addys for their outstanding work in design.

Below are the categories and a little sampling of the work that garnered these awards which we were honored to receive.

Advertising Industry Self-Promotion

Envoc Creative
Mix and Mingle Event, Collateral

Didn’t make to Mix and Mingle?

Learn more about our merger last year.



Digital Advertising

Envoc Creative
Lamar Training Library Portal

Pretty cool, right? 

Read more about what we did for Lamar.




For those of you wondering just what the heck an Addy is, every year, local chapters of the American Advertising Federation award local artists and businesses for the intriguing, beautiful, and eye-catching designs they’ve produced in the past year. As the oldest advertising trade association in America, the American Advertising Federation is a national organization meant to protect the interests of advertisers nationwide. In addition to that main purpose, the AAF promotes business collaboration, educates members on latest technology and innovations, as well as honors design and advertising excellence through their annual Addy Awards. Congratulations to all of the winners this year.