Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet Viewing

Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet Viewing

Written by Calvin Fabre on Mar 14, 2013

Is your website UI (User Interface) responsive?

Simply put, Responsive Design means that your site can be viewed or read optimally from any internet browsing device. So whether your site is visited from a computer, tablet computer or phone, the site is optimized and beautified for that particular screen size. With a responsive site, pinching the screen and scrolling side to side is no longer needed giving your visitors a better experience.

Want to see what I mean? Try it.

Go to on your computer. Take one side of the browser edge and resize the page in … and in ... and in. Watch as the site magically resizes as you change the dimensions of the browser screen.

What does this mean for The Boston Globe? It means they only have one site. They’ve eliminated the need for a size optimized for computer screens as well as a mobile site optimized for phone screens. Additionally, their customers are happy. They don’t have to fight the Boston Globe site to view the information they need. Happy customers = happy companies.

We did this one for one of our clients

For another example, take a look at this quick video. This is the Responsive Design UI we implemented for one of our clients, IMM. Give it a try too. Visit and try resizing their site too.

"We continue to get excellent feedback regarding the responsive design allowing the site and critical content to be available and presented professionally on virtually any device."


Get Responsive Now

If your site is not responsive, you may be telling your mobile and tablet visitors that they don’t matter to you. Contact us now and we will be able to make your site responsive while making mobile visitors happy.

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