Envoc Invades SQL Saturday

Envoc Invades SQL Saturday

Written by Unknown on Jul 24, 2014

Our developers’ favorite day of the year is quickly approaching. We are excited to announce that five Envoceans will be speaking at the SQL Saturday event at the LSU Business Education Complex in Baton Rouge on August 2nd! Below is a list of our speakers and the topics that they will be presenting. Also, stop by our booth! We’ve got something up our sleeve to top our booth from last year’s event.


Continuous Integration and Deployment

Brandon Cornett, the Man the Myth

8:45 a.m. .NET 2 / ALM - Room 1835 —UPDATED 7/29

Brandon Cornett

Level: Intermediate

Continuous integration and deployment are two practices that can drastically reduce any software company’s testing and deployment time. In this talk, Brandon will be discussing several tools that you can use to streamline these tasks, as well as how you can go from zero to baseline project on a development environment in less than 5 minutes. The days of copying and pasting files to deploy your code are over. Click here for more information on our mobile development guru.

Brian Rigsby Ahoy

The Binary Language of Music

10:00 a.m. Career Development - Room 1220 —UPDATED 7/29

Brian Rigsby

Level: Beginner

Discover how binary patterns found in music can be used to learn the underlying language of music theory. You will be both inspired and entertained. Click here to learn more about our Technical Development Manager with a background in music!

Long Running Task Processing with AzureMatt Vid

10:00 am SQL Dev - Room 1620—UPDATED 7/29

Matthew Vidacovich 

Level: Intermediate

Azure offers amazing capacities for computation for a low cost, but it can be a challenge to create a seamless user experience when there are so many moving parts. Matt will go over a methodology of getting potentially gigabytes of data to Azure and back to the user seamlessly using ASP .NET MVC, SignalR, and Azure CORS. Matt will also go over important limitations of various Azure services and tools that he’s discovered (the hardest way) working on his projects with Azure. Click here to learn more about our C# master.

Anthony MaCrash Course in Dependency Injection

1:30 pm .NET 1 - Room 1620

Anthony Ma

Level: Intermediate

This session will introduce the concept of dependency injection to those that are unfamiliar or have little experience in the area. It will cover some basic use cases and code examples in displaying firsthand the benefits of implementing dependency injection, common “gotchas”, etc. He will also go over some of the most popular .NET loC libraries and help get first time users off their feet. This session will focus on C# specifically, although the dependency injection concept is universal. Click here to learn more about our multi-talented developer.

JavaScript Unit Testing - It’s Not That ScaryJustin Obney

2:45 pm .NET 2 / ALM - Room 1835

Justin Obney

Level: Intermediate

The web is becoming the new “native.” The front-end’s landscape is rapidly increasing with more and more logic moving into the client. It seems like a new framework/library is released every day. And with clients expecting a polished, responsive, and reliable application, unit testing your JavaScript is no longer just a “nice thing to have.” The tool is here. What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about our front-end developer that lifts.


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