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Software craftsmanship requires two traits—passion and discipline. Passion is the drive to study, practice, sharpen our skills, and improve ourselves. Passion is our desire to deliver an amazing software experience. Discipline is what makes us follow principles, write unit tests, and add value to our code by steadily tending the garden. Discipline is doing what is required to get the job done at its highest level, even when it is inconvenient. A software craftsman is a professional. We are looking for craftsmen and women to help us continue to provide a better reality for our clients, and to experience a better reality for themselves.

We will provide you with the best tools so you can focus on solving problems, including: Visual Studio, SQL Server, ReSharper, NCrunch, ASP.NET MVC, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, and more. And how would you feel about working with award-winning in-house designers to make your applications both engaging and beautiful? We strive to produce the highest quality code, and by rigorously following certain core principles, we are much more likely to achieve that goal. Among these principles are DRY, SOLID, and YAGNI. We also employ Test-Driven Development in all phases of development to reduce defects and improve the maintainability and refactorability of the code.

We really only have two over-arching requirements for our developers: they must be smart, and they must get things done. We do have some technology constraints, namely, Envoc is a .NET shop with our main focus on C# and MVC based applications. We make extensive use of jQuery and JavaScript in our presentation layer. For mobile applications, our primary development is done using Xamarin.

How to Apply

Getting to know someone can take time, but it is a critical step toward creating a lasting relationship. Our application process is designed to help us get to know each other a bit better. The first step is to send a brief statement of interest and your resume to

About Envoc

Envoc is a rapidly growing design and development company. We give our clients a better reality through radical creativity and productivity. We have the best work environment, the best tools, the best people, and we love what we do.

Careers at Envoc

We are always on the lookout for the most talented people to join our team. If you're smart, get your work done, and fit in with our company culture (see above), you may be a future Envocean. If you think you have what it takes, please click below to apply.

Current Openings
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  • 100% Covered Medical & Dental Coverage
  • 401K with Guaranteed Match
  • Dedicated Weekly R&D Time
  • Fully Stocked Snacks
  • Incredibly Talented Co-Workers
  • Fun Work-Sponsored Events
  • Coffee. All Day.