Envoc Careers

Javascript Developer

Technology. It’s how we connect with friends down the street or across oceans. It’s how we explore and learn new things. It’s how we do our work and pay our bills. And it’s always changing, evolving to meet needs. What if you could be a part of that change?  As an Envocean, you become a part of the evolution, to help create a better reality. You in? 

Envoc is looking for an experienced Javascript developer to add to our team. The person that we want to hire must love what they do and have a desire to learn more every day. They should be ready to collaborate with our team of designers and developers as well as clients.

We want someone who...

  • wants to work directly with our clients
  • is motivated to be a team player and problem-solver
  • is passionate about quality code
  • has excellent organizational and communication skills
  • is able to juggle multiple projects at one time
  • wants to use all of his or her skills to make other people's lives better


  • Strong understanding of core front-end technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/JSON
  • OO principles/techniques in javascript
  • Experience implementing complex front-end applications across popular browsers
  • Experience troubleshooting cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Experience integrating data from third-party API’s into complex javascript applications
  • Experience with MVC javascript application frameworks such as Backbone.js, Ember.js, or AngularJs or similar (We use AngularJS primarily)


  • Familiarity with automated build tools such as Grunt or Gulp
  • Comfortable using the command line
  • Experience with a CSS preprocessors such as LESS, Sass
  • Experience writing Javascript unit tests utilizing a framework such as Jasmine or Mocha
  • Experience debugging complex Javascript applications with various debugging techniques (console.log is not enough!)

How to Apply

Getting to know someone can take time, but it is a critical step toward creating a lasting relationship. Our application process is designed to help us get to know each other a bit better. The first step is to apply here.